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Issue 24 | Summer 2023
Sorrowful Heart of Mary SSPX-MC
Summer 2023
Dear Friends of the Cross!
“We have to build while the others are demolishing,” preached Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. How we long for a good Pope in Rome! How we long for bishops to stand fearlessly for the integral Catholic Faith, as Abp. Lefebvre did! Bishops who are not compromising with Vatican II, the New Profession of Faith, the new Sacraments, the New Code of Canon Law, and the New Mass! How we long for a resurgence of the Catholic Faith of Tradition in Rome and the Social Reign of the Heart of Jesus in every nation! “Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven!”
In the ongoing Battle, there’s not a single priest of the Catholic Resistance who desires to be “independent,” working without a bishop and laboring totally on his own. This is abnormal and undesirable for any Catholic, let alone the priest. But, when Conciliar Rome slipped into apostasy after the Second Vatican Council, did Abp. Lefebvre expect to be found standing alone, “rogue,” “disobedient,” “dissident”? Far from it! Did all those priests expelled by their bishops in the 1960’s and 70’s for refusing the New Mass and filthy Catechisms desire to be “independent” and “on their own”? Far from it!
But when the authorities abandon their duties and abuse their position by inflicting unjust punishments and try to coerce their subjects to accept compromises against the Catholic Faith, then they have no choice but to prudently separate themselves from these abusers and continue feeding the flock and fight for the Faith. This was the wise advice of Abp. Lefebvre: “It is a strict duty of every priest who wishes to remain Catholic, to separate himself from this Conciliar Church.” (Spiritual Journey, Abp. Lefebvre, p.13). If this applies to Roman authorities imposing Vatican II and the New Mass on their subjects, the same applies for those bishops demanding compromise, however slight it may be, with Vatican II and the New Mass as a matter of obedience.
Thus, every single priest of the Society of St. Pius X has been in the position of having to make a choice, since 2012. Either, he conforms to the new doctrinal direction which accepts that Vatican II can “enlighten and deepen the understanding of Tradition” and that the New Mass and New Sacraments are “legitimately promulgated”, or he resists this abuse of authority and is consequently silenced or cast out as a rebel. Unfortunately, most priests conformed to the new orientation since 2012, as did thousands of clergy and religious after the Second Vatican Council, in the 1960’s and 70’s.
The same applies to bishops of the False Resistance who give the appearance of standing with Abp. Lefebvre, but insist on the following: that the New Mass “miracles” be believed; the New Mass can give grace and nourish your Faith; that “it’s not the time for seminaries, structure and organization;” that the Faith can be taught in silence; and that the true Catholic Resistance is nothing more than disgruntled “Resistants,” who must put away the “toys” of expecting a Catholic resurgence in the pattern of Abp. Lefebvre. These positions are in direct opposition to everything the Archbishop stood for! These bishops do not represent the true Catholic Resistance! They are not the Catholic Resistance! They admit this fact out of their own mouths!
On the contrary, Abp. Lefebvre condemned the New Mass and the errors of Vatican II, in no uncertain terms! He insisted the New Mass is sterile and cannot nourish one’s Faith but rather erodes it! He energetically defended the urgent need for seminaries and founded five of them throughout the world, himself! He established veritable oases of structure and organization in the retreat houses, parishes, missions, schools, universities and convents he founded! He did not restrict his preaching and letters to his chosen few hidden “under a bushel,” but fearlessly preached the Faith and wrote letters to the Popes and the entire world! He called for the crusade of the large family, the generous sacrifices of seminarians, sisters, brothers, and priests to rebuild the Church! Even in his eighties, he traveled the world strengthening the Faith and administering Confirmation to thousands!
Some may object: “You can’t expect everyone to be an Abp. Lefebvre, he was unique and it’s unrealistic to expect his bishops to do the same!” This is true, if one speaks of his gentlemanly meekness, his sanctity, and fruitful apostolate as a missionary in Africa. No one can easily match such greatness, sanctity and experience. But the duty of publicly preaching the integral Catholic Faith was imposed by Christ Himself on all the bishops of the Church! “Go, Preach to all nations!” The duty of publicly condemning heresy, scandals against the Faith, compromise, and error are commanded by the Divine Savior Himself! If they fail to do so, He will require the blood of the stray sheep at their hands! (Ezekiel 3:18).
So when it is said: “You Resistance priests are independent, you have no bishop. You are rebels!” What can we say but: “Please show us even one bishop who is not compromising with Vatican II and the New Mass. Please point out one that openly condemns heresy and error and never compromises with it. Please give the information to contact one who stands with the unchanging Magisterium of the Church, like Abp. Lefebvre, but also openly opposes the public scandals of the Modernist Popes, prelates, and Conciliar Magisterium.” Indeed, it should be his spiritual sons, whom he consecrated, who ought to be doing these things. But unfortunately, every one of them has compromised with Vatican II and the New Mass in some way, since 2012, even if by silence. [N.B: The Thuc or De Costa line bishops are dubious and out of the question].
“But you expect perfect bishops and that’s unrealistic, not all bishops in history have been saints.” That is true, not many have been saints. In fact, “Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops,” said St. John Chrysostom! The Novus Ordo bishops may have some excuse due to their lack of formation, ignorance and modernist training.
But the sons of Abp. Lefebvre have no excuse! He formed his seminarians in the good soil of Tradition and in the solidity of the counter-Revolution. They were watered in the sound doctrine of the anti-Liberal Popes and their roots struck deeply in the life of prayer and spirituality of Holy Mother Church. So to expect the same anti-Liberal position from them should be no surprise. What is surprising is their lack of it!
Abp. Lefebvre once said that the faithful have a right to know where their priests stand. They have a right to hear sound doctrine in their preaching and to know that their priests are not evolutionists, ecumenical, modernists or compromisers with Vatican II and the New Mass. The same holds for the bishops.
This is not a call for condemning anyone nor of overly-scrutinizing the least mistake of the authorities, but rather an appeal for all to pray and do penance for them. We must beg the Hearts of Jesus and Mary for Rome to return to Tradition and our bishops and clergy come back to where they once stood, by publicly maintaining the doctrinal position of Abp. Lefebvre. He not only said, but did the Truth. Abp. Lefebvre was a pattern for all shepherds to imitate. He was one that Pope St. Pius X would have unhesitatingly canonized as a model for all clergy. The Archbishop is still a true model, but not the false caricature often portrayed of him as the ever smiling, meek and gentle bishop, to the exclusion of his other side which included his iron fist, the episcopal lion that roared the Truth, and the boxer for the defense of Catholic Tradition, that he truly was!
“Prudent as a serpent, but simple as a dove” defines his character and wisdom. So, if we find ourselves out in the cold, let us at least be found standing by the Sorrowful Mother at the foot of the Cross! The first Pope and bishops fled away in that hour, but She remained with Her Divine Son, strong in Faith, like an immovable pillar, knowing without hesitation that the day of the Resurrection would come. May She inflame us with love for Jesus Crucified and an unshakeable hope that God will grant us, once again, Popes and bishops who will lead and feed the flock! “The gates of Hell shall not prevail!”
In Christ the King,
Fr. David Hewko
“Let the storm rage and the sky darken — not for that shall we be dismayed. If we trust as we should in Mary, we shall recognize in her, the Virgin Most Powerful who with virginal foot did crush the head of the serpent.”
– Pope St. Pius X
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Declaration of Archbishop Lefebvre 

 Econe,  1974

We cleave, with all our heart and with all our soul, to Catholic Rome, the guardian of the Catholic Faith and of the traditions necessary for the maintenance of that Faith and to eternal Rome, mistress of wisdom and truth.

On the other hand we refuse and have always refused to follow the Rome of the neo-Protestant trend clearly manifested throughout Vatican Council II and, later, in all the reforms born of it.

All these reforms have contributed and are still contributing to the destruction of the Church, the ruin of the Priesthood, the abolishing of the Sacrifice of the Mass and of the Sacraments, the disappearance of the religious life, to naturalist and Teilhardian teaching in the universities, seminaries and catechetics, a teaching born of liberalism and Protestantism and often condemned by the solemn magisterium of the Church.

No authority, not even the highest in the hierarchy, can force us to abandon or diminish our Catholic Faith, clearly laid down and professed by the magisterium of the Church for nineteen hundred years. “But,” said St. Paul, “though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed” (Galatians I. 8).

Is not that what the Holy Father is telling us again today? And if there appears to be a certain contradiction between his words and his deeds as in the acts of the dicasteries, we abide by what has always been taught and turn a deaf ear to the Church’s destructive innovations.

It is not possible profoundly to modify the “lex orandi” without modifying the “lex credendi”. To the new Mass there corresponds a new catechism, a new priesthood, new seminaries, new universities, the charismatic and Pentecostal Church–all opposed to orthodoxy and to the age-old magisterium of the Church.

Born of liberalism and modernism, this Reform is poisoned through and through. It begins in heresy and ends in heresy even if not all its acts are formally heretical. Hence it is impossible for any informed and loyal Catholic to embrace this Reform or submit himself to it in any way whatsoever.

The only way of salvation for the faithful and the doctrine of the Church is a categorical refusal to accept the Reform.

It is for this cause that with no rebellion, no bitterness, no resentment, we carry on our work of training priests under the star of the timeless magisterium, convinced that we can render no greater service to the Holy Catholic Church, the Sovereign Pontiff and future generations.

It is for this cause that we hold firmly by all that has been believed and practiced in the Faith, in morals, in worship, in the teaching of the catechism, the molding of a priest and the institution of the Church, that eternal Church codified in her books before the modernist influence of the Council made itself felt, awaiting the time when the true light of Tradition shall scatter the darkness clouding the skies of eternal Rome.

In so doing, by the grace of God, the help of the Virgin Mary, of St. Joseph and St. Pius X, we are assured of remaining faithful to the Holy Roman and Catholic Church, to all the successors of Peter, and of remaining “fideles dispensatores mysteriorum Domini Nostri Jesu Christi in Spiritu Sancto.” Amen.


A Note from SSPX-MC:

Join us in the battle for the reign of Christ as King, the preservation and promulgation of the Holy Roman Catholic Faith through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Tridentine Latin Rite of all time, offered by holy priests sound in the true doctrine and firmly rejecting and refusing all modernism, as passed down to them through the great Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. The Sorrowful Heart of Mary Apostolate, SSPX- MarianCorps is currently serving mission chapels throughout the United States but also including Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand (sadly, contingent to travel restrictions as of 2020). Please view our Mission Chapels page for details of these locations.  We are honored to house the sermons of Fr. David Hewko and Fr. Hugo Ruiz every week, many times daily, as soon as they are made available to us. Please pray these works reach souls through the hands of Our Blessed Mother for their salvation and for the honor and glory of God. Let us stay united in the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, being found always close to Our Sorrowful Mother at the foot of the Cross, for it is here we will find the throne of Divine Mercy.

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