Mass Schedule of Rev. Fr. David Hewko

November 2019

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  • Holy Mass 8:00pm in CA
  • Holy Mass 8:30am in MA
  • Holy Mass 9:00am in CA
  • Holy Mass 8:00pm in AZ
  • Holy Mass 1:00pm in CA
  • Holy Mass 6:00pm in CA
  • Holy Mass 8:00am in AZ
  • Holy Mass in Adelaide, Australia
  • Holy Mass 9:30am in Adelaide, Australia
  • Holy Mass 8:00am in Streaky Bay Australia
  • Holy Mass 8:00am in Streaky Bay, Australia
  • Holy Mass 8:00am in Streaky Bay, Australia
  • Holy Mass 8:00am in Adelaide, Australia
  • Holy Mass 5:30pm in Brisbane, Australia
  • Holy Mass 8:00am in Brisbane, Australia
  • Holy Mass 5:30pm in Goulburn, Australia
  • Holy Mass 7:30am in Brisbane, Australia
  • Holy Mass 9:30am in Goulburn, Australia
  • Holy Mass 5:30pm in Goulburn, Australia
  • Holy Mass 9:30am Goulburn, Australia
  • Holy Mass 6:30pm in Melbourne, Australia
  • Holy Mass 9:00am in Melbourne, Australia
  • Holy Mass 8:00am in Melbourne, Australia
  • Holy Mass in New Zealand
  • Holy Mass in New Zealand
  • Holy Mass in New Zealand
  • Holy Mass in Great Britain
  • Holy Mass 7:00pm in London
  • Holy Mass in Great Britain


Announcing the availability of reserving the Sanctuary Lamp in Our Lady of Fatima Chapel (this is Fr Hewko’s personal chapel in Massachusetts). The red sanctuary lamp burns continually in honor of the Real & Divine Presence of Christ the King in our Chapel’s Tabernacle (or, as the little seer, Francisco Marto, so affectionately called it: the “Hidden Jesus”). Now, the faithful may reserve each new candle – burning in this honor – especially for their intentions. The votive lamp usually burns for 7 to 8 days… If you’d like to have the lamp burn for your intentions, simply send a note with your request, along with your name and the desired date if you have one. The suggested donation for each lamp lighting is $20.00

Send your request & offering, or any other donation to:

Our Lady of Fatima Chapel Sanctuary Lamp Honoring Our Lord’s Real Presence




(Taken from Our Lady of Fatima Chapel’s August 2019 email)



A reminder for those who may think it is too late to send their list of names of the deceased: It’s never too late!

In fact, Our Lady of Fatima Chapel is accepting the names of the deceased throughout this whole month of November. These names are placed on the altar to be remembered at the commemoratio pro defunctis of every Holy Mass offered at all the Sorrowful Heart of Mary missions – wherever Father’s schedule takes him for this entire month. These names are also prayed for during the recitation of the Chapel Rosary. Please submit your names of the deceased to:

By Email:

By Postal Mail:
Our Lady of Fatima Chapel
16 Dogwood Road South
Hubbardston, MA 01452

Holy Mother Church dedicates November to the Souls in Purgatory. For this entire month, She asks us to offer special prayer, sacrifice, fasting and alms-giving for the remission of debt incurred by the faithful departed whose sins have already been pardoned. In charity, let us pray earnestly for the dead throughout November. There are great graces available if we only take advantage of the opportunity to relieve the suffering souls – especially in this time of crisis when prayers for the deceased have greatly diminished in number and in fervor. 

Excerpt from “Our Lady of Fatima Chapel Newsletter” Grateful thanks to the chapel’s coordinator for this compilation.


   Our Lady of Fátima Chapel
     Massachusetts Mission of the SSPX-MC



November – Month of the Holy Souls

How to Obtain a Plenary Indulgence For the Holy Souls

On All Souls Day:

From Noon yesterday, November 1st to Midnight today, November 2nd a plenary indulgence applicable only to the Poor Souls is granted to those who visit any Catholic church or public oratory and recite the Our Father and the Apostles Creed.

 On Each Day of the All Saints Octave – November 1st to 8th 

A plenary indulgence applicable only to the poor souls is granted to those who visit a cemetery and pray (even if only mentally) for the faithful departed during the All Saints Octave.

– Conditions for Indulgences –

+ Only one plenary indulgence can be granted per day.

+ It is necessary to be in the state of grace (at least by completion of the work).

+ Freedom from attachment to sin (even venial sin); meaning attachment to a
particular sin – not sin in general.  Otherwise the indulgence is only partial.

+ Confession 8 days before or after the indulgenced act.

+ Holy Communion 8 days before or after the indulgenced act.

+ Prayers for the intentions of the Supreme Pontiff.

Read Fr. Leonard Goffine’s Instructions on All Souls Day Here


Holy Mother Church dedicates November to the Souls in Purgatory.

For this entire month, She asks us to offer special prayer, sacrifice, fasting and alms-giving for the remission of debt incurred by the faithful departed whose sins have already been pardoned. 
Our Lady of Fatima Chapel is accepting the names of the deceased. These names are placed on our chapel’s altar to be remembered at the commemoratio pro defunctis of every Holy Mass
offered by Father Hewko at all the Sorrowful Heart of Mary missions – wherever Father’s schedule takes him for the entire month of November. These names will also be prayed for in the recitation of the Chapel Rosary. Please submit names of the deceased to:

By Email:
By Postal Mail:
Our Lady of Fatima Chapel
16 Dogwood South
Hubbardston, MA 01452

In charity, let us pray earnestly for the dead throughout November. There are great graces available if we only take advantage of the opportunity to relieve the suffering souls – especially in this time of crisis when prayers for the deceased have greatly diminished in number and in fervor. 


“It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead,
that they may be loosed from their sins.” – 2 Mach., xii. 46.

The Duration of Purgatory

Concerning the duration of Purgatory, the Church simply tells us that it is not a place of everlasting pain, but will end at the last judgment; neither are we informed of the length of time required for the purification of a soul.

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, the soul, to be reunited to her Creator in Heaven, must be in the state of primitive innocence which adorned her when she proceeded from His hand. The image of God must be entirely restored within her, commensurate with the degree of glory awaiting her in Heaven.

From this it is evident that the suffering souls cannot enter Heaven until perfectly cleansed, either by their pains or by the suffrages of the faithful. They suffer until entirely purified, until the last farthing of their debt is paid. Increased and intensified pain will probably supply the want of time for the souls who will not have rendered full satisfaction before the last day.

Our Duty to Relieve the Holy Souls

In bestowing charity upon any person, we are usually guided by the degree of his poverty; but who is in such great need as he who possesses absolutely nothing, owes a heavy debt, is unable to labor or gain any merit; or even to beg, and must nevertheless suffer the most excruciating torments until the last farthing has been paid?

There is a universal law to assist the needy, which extends even to strangers; but here the obligation is greater, because among these souls in Purgatory are such as were intimately connected with us, who suffer perhaps, for having loved us excessively. Among the sufferers are our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends.

How exceedingly painful for them to be forgotten and deserted even by those whose happiness they promoted during their sojourn on earth; to see the possessions left to their children foolishly squandered, they themselves not receiving the benefit of the least farthing thereof. What proofs of extreme coldness and ingratitude!

Were any of these persons afflicted with the least pain upon earth we would do all in our power to relieve them, but, as it is, we are devoid of all sympathy, and leave them in their terrible suffering and anguish.

The Special Duty of Children Towards Their Deceased Parents

“Honor thy father, and forget not the groanings of thy mother. Remember that hadst not been born but through them,and make a return to them; as they have done for thee.” – Eccl. vii. 29-30

Next to God, our parents are our greatest benefactors, entitled to most tender love and gratitude, which is the sacred duty of every child. This duty does not end with this life; it is extended even to eternity.

Should our departed parents find no relief in their pains? Must they cry out in bitter anguish: “I have reared sons and daughters, but they have forgotten me?”

If we compassionate the misery of strangers, if we do not heartlessly send a beggar from our doors, oh, let us remember how near and dear father and mother are to us, and how greatly we are indebted to them. After their death we owe them prayers, alms, good works, and especially Holy Masses.

They cry out to us for mercy. Would it not be the highest degree of ingratitude were we to forget those who bestowed their best love and care on us in life? God’s commandment, “Honor thy father and thy mother” is an obligation also towards our deceased parents.

 Holy Mass and the Suffering Souls


The Sacrifice of the Mass is the great devotion of the Catholic Church, and, of all means to assist the souls in Purgatory, none is more valuable or meritorious; for there Jesus Christ offers Himself and His infinite merits to His Heavenly Father, by the hands of the priest, in behalf of the suffering souls.

The unbloody Sacrifice of the Mass does not essentially differ from the sacrifice of the cross, but only accidentally as to the mode of oblation, and no limit can be placed to the effect of this great sacrifice, which contains in itself all graces.

From this inestimable efficacy, however, we may not infer that the offering of one Mass is sufficient to release the souls we love; for, though the Sacrifice on Calvary was infinite, we cannot conclude that the application of it, through the Mass, must also be infinite.

St. Thomas Aquinas tells us, it was not the intention of Jesus Christ to bestow the full efficacy of His suffering and death, which is celebrated in every Mass, upon us; His merits are applied according to His Adorable Will, for the ways of God are often inscrutable.

It is very salutary, therefore, to have the Holy Sacrifice offered frequently for the repose of a soul. Should the souls who are dear to us, for whom we intercede in this manner, be already in the enjoyment of eternal bliss, Divine wisdom and goodness will bestow the merit of the Masses offered on other suffering souls. 


The Holy Rosary and the Suffering Souls 

St. Dominic declares that the redemption of the holy souls from Purgatory is one of the principal effects of the Rosary. The Venerable Alanus writes that many of the brethren had appeared to them whilst reciting the Rosary, and had declared that next to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass there was no more powerful means than the Rosary to help the suffering souls. Also, that numerous souls were daily released thereby, who would otherwise have been obliged to remain there for years.

Saint Alphonsus Liguori instructs us:

“If we wish to be of material assistance to the souls in Purgatory, we must always recommend them in our prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and especially offer the Holy Rosary for them.”

Let us daily with devotion recite the Rosary, which is so pleasing to our Blessed Mother, recommended most especially by the Holy Mother Church. Not only does it disclose to us a rich source of graces, it’s also very efficacious in relieving the suffering souls and opening Heaven to them.

Should our labor prevent us from reciting the entire Rosary every day, let us, at least, say it in part. This simple homage to the Queen of Heaven will draw down great blessings upon us, and the holy souls will be wonderfully consoled and relieved, if this devotion be offered in their behalf.


Fr. Hewko
Fr. Hewko

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