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  • Holy Mass 5:30pm in MA
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“Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight his paths.”
                          Matthew 3:2
“Drop down dew, ye heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain down the just: let the earth be opened and bud forth a savior.”
                          Is. 45:8





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The Immaculate Conception
Feast Day – December 8th

This Week’s Holy Mass Schedule (posted on the above calendar by sspx-mc)



Tota pulchra es, Maria, et macula originalis non est in te
Thou art all fair, O Mary, and the original stain is not in thee


Today is one of the greatest Solemnities of the entire Liturgical year. It is the day in which the Church celebrates a most precious gift which Almighty God bestowed upon the Blessed Virgin Mary. In this feast we consider the incredible mystery of God creating his own mother!
If possible, who among us would not have created their mother to be the most perfect and wonderful mother that ever existed? And Who but the Son of God – the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, is most eminently deserving of such a perfect mother?
By a singular favor and privilege from God, and through the foreseen merits of her Son, the Most Holy Virgin – from the first instant of her conception in the womb of her mother – was preserved free from all stain of sin.
Original sin is that moral guilt and stain of soul which we inherit from Adam, the first man and father of the human race. Sanctifying grace and many other extraordinary privileges were conferred upon our first parents from their creation, but all these they lost through their sin; and the effect of their fall has descended upon all their posterity with the exception of Christ, Who was sinless by reason of the Hypostatic Union; and Mary, who was conceived immaculate by the special favor of God. Hence, the Blessed Virgin from the first moment of her conception was free from sin and endowed with sanctifying grace.
The Immaculate Conception does not refer, as some non-Catholics imagine, to the virgin birth of Christ, nor to His sinlessness. Neither does it imply on the part of the Blessed Virgin that her conception, like Our Lord’s, was divine, in the sense that it was without a human father.

In virtue of the Immaculate Conception, Christ found a most worthy dwelling in the spotless womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary to take flesh. The same flesh which shepherds and kings gazed upon; and the same flesh which was bruised, torn, and pierced for our redemption.
By the wisdom of Holy Mother Church, it is most fitting that this great feast is positioned in the midst of Advent Season, during our preparation for the coming new born King. Like the dawn which announces the day, Mary precedes the Sun of Justice, which will soon illumine the darkened souls of mankind. So, it is most fitting that in bringing to us her Son, it is she who first appears in the Liturgical cycle.
In today’s Holy Mass, we beseech Almighty God “to heal us and to deliver us from all our sins”  so that by the special graces which belong to this particular feast, the Immaculata herself may help us become more worthy to receive her Divine Son in our hearts when He descends into them on Christmas Day.

The Immaculate Conception is both the Patroness of the United States and the priestly fraternity founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. We invoke the Immaculata’s powerful intercession for the many poor, confused priests who have abandoned their founding Father’s guiding principals.

Read Here – The Archbishop’s Sermon from Econe on today’s magnificent feast in 1972.



Father Maximilian Maria Kolbe, OFM
On the Immaculate Conception

By Rev. Fr. H.M. Manteau-Bonamy, O.P.

I Am the Immaculate Conception

A few hours before his second and final arrest on February 17th, 1941, Fr. Kolbe had time to put on paper his thoughts about her, who for a quarter of a century had never ceased to occupy his priestly and apostolic mind and heart. This text is therefore, of the highest importance. He could not have written it during his captivity near Warsaw, or during his detention in the death camp at Auschwitz, although he delivered many heartfelt sermons on the Immaculata. In these lines we find the gist of his Marian doctrine. The words are based on several very rough sketches between 1939 – 41. This last writing from Fr. Kolbe constitutes his last spiritual testament:

Immaculate Conception! These words fell from the lips of the Immaculata herself. Hence, they must tell us in the most precise and essential manner who she really is.

Since human words are incapable of expressing Divine realities it follows that these words:
“Immaculate,” and “Conception” must be understood in a much more profound, much more beautiful and sublime meaning than usual: A meaning beyond that which human reason at its most penetrating, commonly gives to them. However, we can and should reverently inquire into the mystery of the Immaculata and try to express it with words provided by our intelligence using its own proper powers.

Who then are you, O Immaculate Conception?

Not God, of course, because He has no beginning. Not an angel, created directly out of nothing. Not Adam, formed out of the dust of the earth. Not Eve, molded from Adam’s rib. Not the Incarnate Word, Who exists before all ages; and of Whom we should use the word “conceived” rather than “conception.” Humans do not exist before their conception, so we might call them created “conceptions.”

But you, O Mary, are different from all other children of Eve. They are conceptions stained by Original Sin; whereas you are the unique Immaculate Conception. Everything which exists, outside of God Himself, exists since it is from God and depends on Him in every way; and it bears within itself some semblance to its Creator. There is nothing in any creature which does not betray this resemblance, because every created thing is an effect of the Primal Cause.

It is true that the words we use to speak of created realities express the Divine perfections only in a halting, limited and analogical manner. They are only a more or less distant echo, as are the created realities that they signify – of the properties of God himself. Would not “conception” be an exception to this rule? No, there is never any such exception.

The Father begets the Son; the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. These few words sum up the mystery of the life of the Most Blessed Trinity and of all the perfections in creatures which are nothing else but echoes – a hymn of praise of this primary and most wondrous of all mysteries. We must perforce use our vocabulary, since it is all we have; but we must never forget that our vocabulary is very inadequate.

Who is the Father? What is His personal life like? It consists in begetting, eternally because He begets His Son from the beginning and forever. Who is the Son? He is the Begotten-One; Who, from the beginning and for all eternity, is begotten by the Father. And Who is the Holy Ghost? The flowering of the love of the Father and the Son.

If the fruit of created is a created conception, then the fruit of Divine love, that prototype of all created love, is necessarily a Divine “conception.” The Holy Ghost is, therefore, the “uncreated, eternal conception,” the prototype of all the conceptions that multiply life throughout the whole universe.

The Father begets; the Son is begotten; the Spirit is the “conception” that springs from their love. There we have the intimate life of the Three Persons by which They can be distinguished from one another. But They are united in the Oneness of Their Nature, of Their Divine existence. The Spirit is, then, this thrice holy “conception,” this infinitely holy Immaculate Conception.

The creature most completely filled with this love, filled with God Himself, was the Immaculata, who never contacted the slightest stain of sin, who never departed in the least from God’s will. United to the Holy Ghost as His spouse, she is one with God in an incomparably more perfect way than can be predicated of any other creature.

What sort of Union is this? It is above all an interior union, a union of her essence with the “essence” of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost dwells in her; lives in her. This was true from the first instance of her existence. It was always true and it will always be true. And in what does this life of the Spirit in Mary consist?

He Himself is uncreated Love in her; the Love of the Father and of the Son, the Love by which God loves Himself, the very love of the Most Holy Trinity. He is a fruitful Love – a “Conception.” Among creatures made in God’s image, the union brought about by married love is the most intimate of all. In a much more precise, more interior, more essential manner, the Holy Ghost lives in the soul of the Immaculata, in the depths of her very being. He makes her fruitful, from the very first instance of her existence, all during her life, and for all eternity.

This eternal “Immaculate Conception” [which is the Holy Ghost] produces in an immaculate manner Divine life itself in the womb or depths of Mary’s soul, making her the Immaculate Conception – the human Immaculate Conception. And the virginal womb of Mary’s body is kept sacred for Him; there He conceives in time the human life of the God-Man.

The path of creation goes from the Father through the Son and by the Holy Ghost; this return trail goes from the Spirit through the Son back to the Father. In other words – by the Spirit, the Son becomes incarnate in the womb of the Immaculata; and through this Son, love returns to the Father. And the Immaculata, grafted into the Love of the Blessed Trinity, becomes from the first moment of her existence and forever after, the “complement of the Blessed Trinity.”

In the Holy Ghost’s union with Mary we observe more than the love of two beings; in this union is all the love of the Blessed Trinity; and all of creation’s love. So it is – that in this union, Heaven and earth are joined! All of Heaven with the earth – the totality of eternal love with the totality of created love. It is truly the summit of love.

At Lourdes, our Blessed Lady did not say that she was conceived in an immaculate way – but as Saint Bernadette repeated it: “Que soy era Immaculata Councepiou” – I am the Immaculate Conception. Mary’s affirmation that “I am the Immaculate Conception” refers not only to her spiritual I, but to her total and personal I – “I am.”

To her body united to her soul as to its vital principle, both making up her personal reality. Our Heavenly Father is the source of all that is; everything comes from the Blessed Trinity. We cannot see God; but God the Son came to this earth as Christ Jesus; and through Him, God is known to us.

The Most Blessed Virgin is the one in whom we venerate the Holy Ghost – for she is His holy spouse. The Third Person of the Blessed Trinity never took flesh. Still, our human word for “spouse” is far too weak to express the reality of the relationship between the Immaculata and the Holy Ghost.

We can affirm that she is, in a certain sense – the “incarnation” of the Holy Ghost. It is the Holy Ghost that we love in her; and through her we know and love the Son.




Founded by Seminarian Maximillian Kolbe in October, 1917


O Mary Immaculate, you know the most perfect way to God; intercede for me with your Divine Son and use me as your instrument; by helping me to know and fulfill the plan the Father has established for me; because only then will I be truly pleasing God, and find true peace and happiness in this world and in the next. 

O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee; and for all those who do not have recourse to thee; especially all Communists and Freemasons and other enemies of Holy Mother Church.

Fr. Hewko
Fr. Hewko



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